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  View of Philadelphia; image from Tripod Image GallerySEPTA NABI #5334 frontSEPTA NABI #5334 rear
Welcome to My Home Page

Bus photos courtesy of Carlton Walton aka Cleanairbus. Photo of Philly from Tripod Image Gallery.

Hello, I am Joe Butler, webmaster of this website. As you may notice, I have some photos up on the homepage. In case you don't know, the first three are of a view of Philadelphia from the Tripod Image Gallery, and front and rear views of NABI 5334 on 13th/Market Sts in Center City. Also included are: (from top to bottom) ElDorado TransMark #4519, New Flyer D40LF low-floor Shopping Spree Bus #5436, Neoplan AN440 #3480 at King of Prussia Mall, Neoplan AN440 #3247 at King of Prussia Mall, AM General ETB #888 leaving Frankford Terminal, New Flyer D40LF low-floor #5411, and Neoplan AN460 articulated #7123.

SEPTA Eldorado National Transmark RE #4519
July 3rd, 2002
There will be hundreds of detours tommorow due to Independence day festivities throughout the SEPTA region.
Tommorow, SEPTA will operate on a Sunday schedule. On Friday, Regional Rail will operate on a modified Saturday schedule, and the R6 Cynwyd will operate on a special schedule.
Today, Union 30 roofers blocked Allegheny depot until 11:40am. The reason was because SEPTA was using non-unionized contractors to work on the roof at Allegheny. The 6, 9, 27, 33, 48, and 60 saw substantial delays, using buses from other depots. The 65 also exprieienced delays, but were lessen due to the split operation with Callowhill.
June 28th, 2002
The New Flyers have started arriving at Red Arrow. I saw 5586 on the 109 400 block today. 5586-5595 will go to Red Arrow, and 5596-5600 to Southern.
June 21st
Two Comly New Flyers (5541 and 5564, on the 1 and 14) were in an accident at 6:40am this morning. 40 people with mainly minor injuries were taken to area hospitals.
I saw 5402 on 115 569 block. This is the first time in a long time I've seen a 40 footer on the 115 on a non-school related trip.
June 9th, 2002
Yesterday's SEPTA Rodeo (I didn't make there) was won by John Rinylo of Southern, and the celibrity rodeo won by Tug McGraw, former Phillies reliever from the 1980 championship Phillies.
June 4th, 2002
The New Flyers (5541-5585) are now be delivered to Comly. Also, the 56xx New Flyers will be tentatively assigned with Midvale getting the Lion's share (5601-5685, 85), and Frontier (5686-5700, 15). It appears that many of the EIs will be sent from Midvale when they arrive.
May 20th, 2002
I have a new MSN Community, The SEPTA Red Arrow community
. You can post photos, send messages, etc.
April 28th, 2002
New page up!! The Fleet Number Listing style of my roster. To visit it, Click here.

April 23rd, 2002
Welcome to my moved URL. I have moved it so I have more space. Look out for the return of my roster by fleet number.
April 14th, 2002
Last week, 3 Eldorados at Red Arrow appeared on 40 foot routes. On Wedensday, 108 67 block saw 4536, then 4553 on Thursday. On Wednsday, the 3:15pm and 3:45pm 113 Darby short turns saw 4551 and 4548. 3122 was used in place of 4548 on the 4:30pm to Marcus Hook.
The 55xx New Flyers are now being delivered. The first 45 will go to Frankford, with the rest going to Comly (45) and Red Arrow (10).

Apri1 2nd, 2002
President Bush's visit and motorcade caused delays today.
A fire at a Southwest Philadelphia scrap yard caused routes 37 and G to detour. A fire in Chester caused dealys on SEPTA and Amtrak. Shuttle buses operated breifly in the afternoon on the R2 west of Crum Lynne.

March 26th, 2002
On Sunday night, at 10:20pm, according to 6ABC and the Daily News, an Eldorado from Midvale looping around for the 89 to Arrot Terminal was struck by a red light runner and plowed into a storefront at 2nd and Susquehanna. The red light runner left the scene. The front of the bus was severly damaged as well as the store.
March 23rd, 2002
The 55xx New Flyers have new assignments. Now it is: 5501-5540: Frankford 5541-5585: Comly 5586-5595: Red Arrow 5596-5600: Southern. It appears Midvale will have to wait another year for New Flyers, as the 14 remaining BMs need to be retired. Some 30xx and 31xx buses will probably be sent to Midvale from Comly and Frankford. The 56xx series is tenatively set to go to Midvale and Frontier. With the hill on Swede St in Norristown, dips on the 93 and 99, challenging routing on the 94 local, and other things, the only routes at Frontier that the New Flyers would not have a problem operating on are the 92/133, 124/125, 127, 201, and 206. Red Arrow could be seeing some buses from the 56xx batch. The 5500s should start arriving this week, and the 5600s will start arriving late 2003.
March 8th, 2002
The 55xx New Flyers are on the assembly line. They should start arriving by the end of the month. The tentative assignments are: 5501-5515: Red Arrow 5516-5560: Comly 5561-5580: Frank-ford 5581-5600: Midvale. Once all are in service, all remiaing 86xx, 87xx, and 88xx Neos will be gone, along with some 30xx Neos.
February 9th, 2002
First, 3371 is back at Red Arrow after a 2 day absence early January.
The spring schedule change has come. No big changes to note here, except the following routes are now accessible routes, which means they use the 3252-3491 Neos, the NABIs, Breeze buses, artics, Eldorados, and New Flyers: 12, 24, 28, 39, 47m, 73, 80, 103, 107, 111, 115, 116, 118, 123, and 305.
Utility construction has closed Baltimore Ave in Lansdowne and is causing traffic nightmares and late buses.

January 6th, 2002
SEPTA just doesn't get it. The suburban specification Neos belong in the surburbs at Red Arrow and Frontier. 3367-3371 have been moved to Frankford, which is the last straw.
SEPTA New Flyer Spree Bus #5436

December 31st, 2001
This is my last update for the year 2001. I have updated my roster, and I hope everyone has a Merry and safe New Year.
December 11th, 2001
Frontier drivers have agreed to a new 3-year contract. A strike has been averted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 5th, 2001
The Center City Shopping Spree bus began on service on Monday using the 4 New Flyers mentioned below
Rumor has it that Frontier operators and mechanics may go on strike on December 12th, 2001, right in the holiday season. Frontier drivers and mechanics did not agree to a new contract in the spring like the CTD and Red Arrow drivers and operators. This may only be just a rumor, but I think it is true.
I have retired all remaining 8601-8697 Neoplan BMs off my roster. The last 13 were at Frankford and Midvale, and I say goodbye to these old buses.
I do have contingency plans for my roster in case of a Frontier strike. I will use non union operators to operate the Frontier portion of the 124/125 and 201, 203, and 206, along with non union mechanics.

November 29th, 2001
All 60 Callowhill New Flyers are in service, and 5433-5436 have special full wraps for the new Rt. 76 Center City Shopping Spree to begin on Monday (for more information about these wraps, see the Possible Future Assignments or Assignments by Depot page).
Only a few EZs will remain at Callowhill for use on the 15 (I'd say 3425-3449). All others will be moved to other depots. 3374-3383 have gone to Red Arrow, and 3384-3387 and 3480-3482 have gone to Frontier. I have yet to see 3375 and 3377. Why haven't they moved buses from the 3450-3474 series back to the suburbs yet?
The photo gallery has closed and the guestbook dropped to make space for the change of space at Freeservers on Monday. Photos can be viewed at
SEPTA Neoplan AN440 #3480
MSN Communities SEPTA Bus and Photos Message Board.

Or, at the:
SEPTA Neoplan AN440 #3247
Smartgroups SEPTA group

November 21st, 2001
60 New Flyers are active as of 11/21/2001. 10 are at Red Arrow, the other 50 at Callowhill. In the next couple of weeks, Southern should start to recieve their batch.
Today marks the start of Thanksgiving Rush. Like every year, Amtrak borrows commuter equipment from all over the NEC, including SEPTA Silverliner IVs. That was clearly visible today, as except for one train, all R3 Media/Elwyn trains I saw today had older Silverliners. The 3:14pm to West Trenton had 297, 125, and 126. Otherwise, no IVs.
It appears that the 3374-3387 Neo EZs once assigned to Alle-gheny, Midvale, and Callowhill, are now at Red Arrow, as 3374, 3376, and 3382 were on the 109 and 113 today. The low floors are creeping up on the 113, and the 109 as well.

November 16th, 2001
I will be moving the photo gallery to another server in the next couple of weeks. The rest of the page will remain on Freeservers.
All 10 New Flyers are at Red Arrow (5401-5410). Up to 5451 have entered revenue service. The low floors are seeing service on the Rt. 109 (9 block) on weekdays. How they handle that grade on Long Ln near Marshall is an unsolved mystery. The only real downside is the rear sign, which instead of displaying a PR mess-age like GO SIXERS, it displays GO OGONTZ or GO VE.
The last 8xxx series Neos will be retired by mid-2002. The BMs should all go by January 2002.

November 11th, 2001
There are now 8 New Flyers (5402-5409) at Red Arrow. The other 27 active are at Callowhill. There is talk about spliting the 96 into two routes.
November 7th, 2001
While political ads have stopped due to the passing of election day, there is still a shortage at Red Arrow.
On Saturday, LRV 9004 was turning onto 9th St from Main in Darby when the rear of it struck 9030. 5 or 6 ambulances were at the scene, and several police depts. Rts. 113, 114, and 305 were detoured via the old routing on MacDade Blvd. and Main Sts.
Who said a bus can only have one rear ad? 3059 had its engine cover replaced just in the past day or two and the engine cover it got did not have the lower portion of a Clemen's Market full-back removed, so technically, 3059 has two rear ads at the same time. Just thought you'd like to know.

November 1st, 2001
An article on page 10 of the 11/01/2001 Delco Daily Times talks about the bus shortage at Red Arrow. Someone says that there are 119 buses used daily from Red Arrow that average 10-15 years old and 1 spare bus. Richard Maloney says that isn't true, saying there are 128 buses at Red Arrow and 109 are required and there are 19 spare buses.
Red Arrow 3119 is out of service and at Berridge after a fire. I saw it last week on the 4:10pm 113 Darby short turn one of those days, and it looked fine. 3119 may become the first DK Suburban to be retired.
The New Flyer fleet is up to 14, probably 19. Up to 5412 is in service. If it all goes well, the New Flyers should be arriving at Southern by the end of the month.

October 19th, 2001
The delivery of the New Flyers in under way. 5402 is testing at Southern. 4 other buses, besides 5401, are at Berridge. Here is the apparent break down for the 54xx series: 5401-5460: Callowhill 5461-5490: Southern 5491-5500: Red Arrow. The 55xx series will arrive next year, and mainly be split between Comly and Frankford with a handful to Midvale, and maybe Frontier. At Callowhill, the buses will be used on the 21, 38, 40, 42, 43, 44/121, 52, 64, 65, and 76, possibly the 31, 46, and G. At Southern, they would be used on the 2, 7, 17, 37, 47, 64, and C, possilbly the 108. At Red Arrow, the primary use would be the 104, 113, and 124/125, possibly on the 105, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 117/119, 120, and 123. If any go to Frontier, primary use on the 94, 99, and 124/125.
SEPTA AM General ETB #888
October 6th, 2001
Southern Depot operator John Rinylo won the APTA 40 foot bus rodeo last Saturday, 9/29. SEPTA's maitenece team from Midvale came in third place. Overall, a tie resulted between SEPTA and Oakland ACM. The Rodeo was held at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. Twice this week, Red Arrow 4537 was on two routes it doesn't belong on. Tuesday, it was on the 7:26am 108 trip from 67/Elmwood to 69th St Terminal. Yesterday, it was on Block 8 of the 108 for the 4:40pm, 6:35 and 8:37 trips. The first trip had many standees. 3372 was supposed to do that trip, but was running 10 minutes behind schedule.
October 1st, 2001
The APTA rodeo was Saturday. Here are some bad things that happenned to SEPTA: On Wednsday, Callowhill 3445, one of the window panes on the rear doors fell into the bus. The driver picked it up and took it back to his seat and drove off. That isn't good. Today, Frontier 2041 was missing a window.
September 17th, 2001
Yet another strange assignment on SEPTA. This time, BP 1320 was reported operating a block on the 77 out of Midvale. Now, many of us thought all BPs were retired. This siting occured yesterday, 9/16. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversiry of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Flloyd hitting the area. God Bless America.
September 12th, 2001
As everyone heard, the tradgeys in New York and Arlingotn, VA are terrorists. And yes, Osamma Bin-Laden is the mastermind. Unlike the Frankford Terminal webpage, this page will continued to be updated and I will not shut down the website. I give all respects to those who died in these tradgeys. I also want to compliment the NYPD and NYFD for their quick action at this event. The twin towers of the World Trade Center are no more and the 102-story Empire State Building is once again the tallest building in New York. As for the fourth hijacked plane that crashed in an open field in Somerset County, PA. The potential target of that plane was Camp David, MD, the presidential retreat. I know this is a long piece of news, but every Major TV Channel is has been airing this since 9am yesterday (in fact, most of the morning TV shows like Good Morning America were on the air at the time of the first impact). Many radio stations (including my station, WOGL Oldies 98.1 FM) carried this important news over the airwaves. Nothing will ever shut down this webpage, not a terrorist attack, not a death in the family, nothing. R.I.P: World Trade Center Twin Towers 1974-2001.
September 6th, 2001
I have made more than one roster of what SEPTA would look like if ran the bus assignments. The fleet number assignments are not the same as the district assignments. Also, Custom4 Page is another roster page.
August 31, 2001
I'm back from vacation. The assignments have changed. Here are some bizzare bus assignments at Red Arrow: 5318 on the 107.
4538 on the 113 Marcus Hook.
Two 45xx on the 104 West Chester.
531x NABI on the 111.

August 25, 2001
I will be on vacation starting tommorrow, 8/26/2001, until 8/31/2001. I probably won't be able to update this website.
August 20, 2001
I have made major changes to the rosters by fleet and depot. I have made route assignments changes on the following routes:
1 and R: Instead of being split between Comly and Frankford, they would be split between Comly and Midvale. This would reduce long deadheading. Route 3 split between Frankford and Midvale, Route 7 split between Midvale and Southern, Routes 19 and 67 operated entirely out of Comly, and Routes J and K split between Frankford and Midvale. These changes are mainly to prevent long deadheading and other misc stuff.

August 17, 2001
I have add a new page, and changed the assortment of the frames. The 50megs site has changed.
August 8, 2001
I know I have been updating the Custom2 Page everyday. I'm trying to keep up with retirements, etc.
August 1, 2001
Red Arrow NABI 5148 is the first at the depot to get the new white window trim and overhauled. I spotted it today on the 113, no advertisements.
July 30, 2001
New page up, Custom2. It is the district listings asthey would look if I ran SEPTA bus assignments.

SEPTA New Flyer #5411
July 8, 2001
Sorry for not updating since May. I have been busy and I did not have time (well, I did but I didn't update this page) to update this page. A lot has changed. All 80 Eldorados are in service and all but 4 of the 13xx Neo BPs are off the roster (1301, 1320, 1322, and 1325 remain in service at Callowhil and Midvale). Several NABIs (none from Red Arrow yet) have been repainted with white window trim and even overhauled.
May 21, 2001
Apparently, the Eldorados that were sent from Frontier to Red Arrow are back at Frontier. This means these buses were on loan to Red Arrow.
May 17, 2001
Updated roster. It appears that the delivery of the Eldorados is to be complete by the end of the month or early next month. This means for quicker retirement of the 13xx, 86xx, 87xx, and 88xx buses these 30 footers are replacing. The 12 BPs at Red Arrow have there days numbered. They have been invisible since 4556 arrived. If you want some last minute photographs, go in the next couple of days to the Red Arrow yard (don't trespass).
May 14, 2001
It appears that the 3260-3264 Neoplan EIs will end up at Southern. Today, 3261 was spotted on a Southern Route 108 run. Eldorados 4557-4562 are at Midvale. The 28 will stay at Comly, due to ridership. It was a canidate for the Eldorados, but ridership is too high for it. Besides being used on the 35 and 77, the Eldorados at Midvale will be used on the 39 and 89. The possible future roster has been updated with the changes noted above. Be sure to check back soon.
May 8, 2001
Most of the 88xx buses are back at Red Arrow. Some older ones, including 8705, were moved to Comly. I don't know why. However, Eldorados 4555 and 4556 are in revenue service at Red Arrow. Be sure to check the custom page.
May 1, 2001
Yet another Eldorado has moved from Frontier to Red Arrow. This time, #4516 was spotted on the 115.
April 30, 2001
More Eldorados are being moved from Frontier to Red Arrow. This time, 4514 and 4515 have made the move. Also, trackless shuttles have ended today, and Red Arrow will get back 8698, 8700-8701, 8704, 8709-8712, 8714-8715, 8858-8859, 8862, and 8864. These buses hate the city districts because they are SUBURBAN specificanion Neos. Expect other loaned Neos to stop at Midvale, since nearly 60 (I'm not kidding) buses are out of service for repairs. It appears NABI 5265 is gone and I do not know why. Frontier is also begging for more accessible Neos, and 3389 has gone to Frontier. Expect more buses to move.
April 25, 2001
Another Frontier Eldorado has moved to Red Arrow. This time, it is 4530, which was spotted on the 115 today. Updated possible future roster.
April 23, 2001
It appears that Red Arrow is losing its BM and CD soft seaters, going to Frankford. Now at Frankford, 8698, 8700-8701, 8704, 8709-8712, 8714-8715, 8858-8859, 8862, and 8864. I don't know what Red Arrow is getting from Frankford, possibly 8831 and some other Neos. Hopefully, Red Arrow won't get crappy old Neos. I have revised the possible future listings. Also, I haven't seen Red Arrow 8829, 8830, and 8832. I last saw 8832 in November, but that's all I remember.
April 22, 2001
Happy Earth Day!!
I have updated the possible future roster. Yes, I have made plenty of changes. So, enjoy this site.
April 21, 2001
It appears that Frontier is having problems with the Eldorados. Their fronts keep bottoming out turning off of Swede St into the Norristown T.C. in Noristown. It appears that 4522 has moved to Red Arrow, since I spotted it yesterday on the 107.
On another note, I have updated the possible future roster to accomadate this change.

April 20, 2001
Possible future roster up on custom page, contributed photo added.
April 19, 2001
Welcome to my new web site. The 69th St Terminal page is still up, but I will redirect you from there if you have viewed it. The possible future listings will be up on this page.
SEPTA Neoplan AN460 Articulated #7123

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